Hedge Fund for Blockchain technology and Digital Assets

Finova Capital is an open ended investment fund focused on ventures related to blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, that offers a unique opportunity for eligible investors to invest in a diversified portfolio consisting of equity, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


They say timing is everything… the Blockchain era is now forming in front of our eyes. After a retail mania in 2017, a correction was needed in order for the market to evolve and grow, based on real technological implementation and institutional involvement. The opportunity is here. The leading financial institutions and technological giants know it’s here. We know it’s here… the time is now. Join us.

Yoni Ophir, CEO

About us

We’re a multidisciplinary team with vast international investment, financial, legal and technological experience, who firmly believes that Blockchain technology is revolutionary, and has the potential to disrupt traditional payments and services, and provide a secure and private alternative to a vast array of existing global services.

  • Experienced Hedge Fund Managers, Investment Bankers, Traders, Financial Advisers and Lawyers.

  • Our team has many years of experience in portfolio / asset management in an aggregated amount of $ Billions.

  • Team with collective experience investing in the Crypto Ecosystem including setting-up and managing cryptocurrency trading on dozen exchanges.

  • Team members with immense technological experience founding successful start-ups and working in senior positions at Google.

Our Team

Core Team

  • Yoni Ophir

    CEO & Managing Partner

  • Itay Ophir

    Managing Partner

  • Yoav More

    Managing Partner

Advisory Committee

  • Yossi Dayan

    Co-Founder of Altshuler Shaham Horizon

  • Aharon Navon

    Managing Partner of Yasoor

  • Libi Kozocaro Blushtein

    Head of Trading of Altshuler Shaham Horizon

  • Guy Melamed

    Venture Partner

Technological Advisory Committee

  • Guy Tavor

    COO of Altshuler Shaham Horizon

  • Yoah Bar-David

    CTO of Altshuler Shaham Horizon

Finova Capital invites accredited investors to join our community and benefit from many advantages

Exposure to a diversified portfolio consist of selected established digital assets with promising initial offerings.
Using our vast collective financial, legal and technological experience, our investors benefit from smart investing that includes: rigorous due diligence process for vetting of projects, daily monitoring on each investment, rebalancing based on performance and strict protocols for realization of profits.
Using both our global connections and our specific contacts and network in Israel, we are offered access to sought-after deals at an early stage.
Using the vast financial experience of our team and advisory board working at leading positions in international investment banks, we are equipped to construct tailor-made financial instruments in the blockchain space, thus, creating additional value for our investors.
We strive to conduct our operations in full transparency towards our investors: annual audited financial statements by a top tier international audit firm, quarterly performance reports, periodic investors letters and reports on large investment in initial offerings etc.
Our team takes extreme measures to limit risk of security breaches: cold storage units, world-class third-party custodian service of reputable companies, limitation on transactions to authorized signatories, security layers on all exchange accounts etc.


You can also contact us at: contact@Finova-Capital.com

Apply for Funding

Finova Capital seeks to invest in entrepreneurs and visionaries with revolutionary solutions in the Blockchain space and accompany them throughout their development from an early stage. Through the team’s vast experience and network in various industries, Finova seeks to provide projects with not only financing but also assistance in the development of the Project.

Finova invests in both coin offerings and equity offerings.

Partners & Service Providers

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